WOW! It is such a nice day out. Just got home.

My dog walker took me to the park today. I had so much fun making some new friends!

I can’t wait to go back and play again. Maybe if I’m a good boy Mom will have her take me again tomorrow!!

Oh boy I hope she does. I can’t wait to see what friends I make tomorrow.

It’s time to be on my best behavior, no more tearing up the trash I guess… but that’s so much fun too.

What do I do!  I love getting to see more people and have lots of fun. I see headlights in the driveway, Mom’s home.

It’s time to show her I was a on my best behavior. Now mom can have the dog walker come play with me again.

I am so glad Mom found such a great dog walker and fried for me. Platinum Pet Sitting is the best!

If you have have lonely dogs like I was and you leave for the day, Call Platinum Pet Sitting at 813-501-7381.

Say Fenway told you to call!


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