Dog Walking

Why Professional Dog Walking?

Do you work long hours or don’t work close to home?

Is your furbaby crated and needs a leg stretch and some backyard play or walk in the middle of the day?

Dog walking is the cornerstone of our business, and our goal is to meet your dog’s specific needs and your concerns for their overall well being.

Our dog walkers will customize each outing according to your wishes.

Is it that your dog is full of energy, needs to lose weight, has arthritis and needs short walks?

Whatever your needs are, Platinum Pet Sitting is your answer and you will come home to a happy dog.

All aspects of your dog’s personality will be discussed at your meet n’ greet.

Get started now! 813-800-PAWS (7297)

Pet Sitting

If you are out of town for business or vacation, this is the service for you!

We will visit your fur babies in your home on a customized schedule just for you.

We will provide exercise, playtime, love, feeding, litter box scooping, administer medicine if needed, bring in the mail, water plants…everything you need done while you are away!


Don’t want to leave your pet(s) alone overnight? We will stay in your home and give them extra love and attention as well as giving you that extra comfort of knowing that someone is looking after your home too. Are your pets used to sleeping in the bed with you? They can do that with us too! Some pets are just used to their human in bed with them or at least someone in the house. We understand!!  We will arrive by 9:30 pm for our pawjama party and stay until 7:30 am. We will take care of your fur babies PM and AM routines.   

We also offer a 24 Hour stay! We have a sitter that is dedicated just for you and your furbaby that will stay at your home for one day or many, whatever  your needs are! It’s butler service without the butler price!

These visits are especially popular for clients with senior pets or puppies. These visits are not just for clients with dogs! Let us know if you need us to administer medicine. 

Pet Taxi

We provide pick up and or drop off at the vet, groomer, doggie day care, boarding or wherever your pet may need to go!

We are also happy to pick up pet supplies or meds. Just let us know. We are happy to help!

Nail Trimming

We are happy to provide nail trimming for your pet upon request.

Most pets tolerate a nail trimming. On occasion a pet many not allow for the service to be done.

The goal is to trim the nails and not stress your furry family member out. Please note, in the event your pet does not tolerat the nail trim it will be notes that we tried but were unsuccessful.

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