Let’s face it. If you have a dog in your yard, there is going to be poop that needs to be cleaned up, especially if the dog isn’t being walked. You can have us stop by and pick up the dog poop and scoop the cat box. We know this is a disgusting job that no one really wants to do.

We will scoop all dog poop in the yard into a scooping receptacle. Once the scooping is complete, we place the poop into a bag and tie it securely. The bag will then be disposed of in your garbage can. The same goes for cat boxes, you supply the litter. We hope you will consider utilizing these poop scooping services. And if possible, even if you are at home, have us walk the dog.

Regular scooping your dog’s poop ensures you will always have a yard free of waste. Your yard will remain family-friendly and attractive all while yo don’t have to lift a finger!

We can stop by as a one time service or work with you on a schedule.

Give us a call 813-501-7381 — Platinum Pet Sitting —




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