Some tips t help your dog cope with thunder, loud noises, fireworks..

  • Create a safe place:

Create a safe for your dog to go to when they hear the noises that frighten them.

This must be a safe location from their perspective, not yours. My dogs heads for the closet.

  • Distract your dog:

This method works best when your dog is just beginning to get anxious.

Encourage them to engage in any activity that captures them attention and distracts them from behaving fearfully.

  • Behavior Modification:

Behavior modification techniques are often successful in reducing fears and phobias. The appropriate techniques are called “counter-conditioning” and


These techniques must be implemented very gradually, and they condition or teach your dog to respond in non-fearful ways to sounds and other stimuli that

have previously frightened them.

  • Use Pheromone collars and diffusers.

Clinically proven to help with fear and anxiety during loud noises.



One of my dogs has a real fear of thunderstorms so I know when you as pet parents are away and we are pet sitting how you worry. We will take care of your furbabies as our own and understand how they feel.

Give us a call for your pet sitting needs. 813-501-7381 or email



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