Dogs are sociable pack animals and are most content when someone is at home all the time. Unfortunately, this is not
possible for most families, which is why pet sitting is a great supplement to many dogs lives. Unless we can teach our pets to be comfortable with the absences of their human(s), separation anxiety may result.

Dogs with separation anxiety may exhibit one or more of the following patterns of behavior:

* Incessant barking
* Destructive behavior
* Refusal to eat
* Depression
* Pouting or misdirected anger
* Inappropriate urination and defecation even when previously house-trained

There are some commonly recognized techniques that you can try at home, but remember, it’s always a good idea to contact your veterinarian or a pet behavioral specialist for the best methods for your specific pet.

1. Don’t coddle your pet or create a fuss in the time leading up to your departure. Instead, try to disengage for approximately 15 minutes before you leave and complete normal, day-to-day tasks that you pet may be accustomed to seeing/hearing.
2. Use the same idea when you’re coming home. Enter your home calmly, use a quiet, calm demeanor and wait until the dog is calm before you engage him/her. Once the dog is settled, then give a greeting and some affection.
3. Keep their minds busy! Make sure that you leave plenty of interactive toys for your pet to play with while you’re away. Consider toys that will require him to think longer, work harder, or keep them entertained longer in order for them to get their favorite treat. Taking their mind off your absence will always help avoid anxiety and destructive behavior.
4. If you will be away for more than a couple of hours, give us a call! A visit with a pet sitter is a great way to give your dog some social interaction, give them a break from being alone, and make sure that their water and toys are refreshed until you get back home.
5. Multiple pets in the home can help decrease anxiety among your pack. Having a “friend” around can help bring calm to a pet with separation anxiety. Make sure the secondary pet has a calm energy and won’t get easy frustrated with their “high strung” sibling.

At Platinum Pet Sitting, we give your pet the platinum care that they deserve. Whether you’re gone for just a few hours or if you’re gone for a few weeks, we’ll treat your pet like family! 

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